Regarding the character of custom production, we are not able to work without experienced designers. Preparing technical solutions and designes in 3D and 2D have to precede production of specific order/project that we consult with a client. In addition to our own stainless steel products, we are able to offer also a custom production even as a piece or in series according to your order. We offer cooperative services in field of laser cutting, bending and welding with the use of modern CNC technology. Constantly increasing focus on quality, attention to details and fast delivery lead us to invest in a new technological, mechanical and software equipment.

Automated bending center Prima Power BCe Smart 2220


  • high quality of bending
  • 3D programming, automatic bending
  • max. bending length = 2250 mm
  • max. bending height = 204 mm
  • max. thickness of metal sheet (stainless steel) = 2 mm


Automated bending center Prima PowerBCeSmart 2220
CNC welding robot CLOOS Qirox

CNC welding robot CLOOS Qirox

  • 7th - axis robot + 14 meters long rail
  • welding technology TIG - GL 350

Fiber Laser MICROSTEP MSF 1501.30L, FIBER, 2 kW


  • working range: 3000 x 1500 mm
  • max. thickness for stainless steel = 6 mm
Fiber Laser MICROSTEP MSF 1501.30L
Punching machine TRUMPF Trupunch 3000

Cutting press machine TRUMPF TruPunch 3000

  • for sheet metals of 3000 x 1500 mm size
  • usual thickness of material from 0,5 - 2,00 mm

Deburring and grinding machine RWT STEELLINE


  • deburring of burns after laser burning
  • working width of 1100 mm
RWT STEELLINE deburring and grinding machine

Press brake forming machine TRUMPF TruBend 5170


  • bending length 3230 mm
  • intensity of pressworking 1700 kN (170 ton)

Press brake forming machine TRUMPF TruBend 5050

  • bending length 1250 mm
  • intensity of pressworking 500 kN (50 ton)

Press brake forming machine AMADA HFE 100-3

  • bending length 3110 mm
  • intensity of pressworking 1000 kN (100 ton)
Press brake TRUMPF Trubend 5170Press brake TRUMPF Trubend 5170
Welding machine for corners FRONIUS

Welding automatic machine for edges FRONIUS

  • thickness of sheet metal from 0,5 - 2,00 mm
  • max. length of welding = 800 mm
  • easy manipulation

Automatic band saw PEGAS 300x320 A-CNC R


  • for dividing tubes, bars and profiles

Semi-automatic band saw BOMAR Ergonomic 320.258 DGH


  • for dividing tubes, bars and profiles
Automatic band saw machine PEGAS
FRONIUS welding units

Welding devices FRONIUS

  • TransTig 170 EF
  • TransTig 230i EF + refrigeration
  • MagicWave 230i EF + refrigeration
Belt grinding machine HOUFEK PBM 20

Belt sanding machine HOUFEK PBM 20

  • size of work table 1000 x 2000 mm

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